Its magnetic cores (Fe-based amorphous 1k101 and SiB metallic element) are often used for replacement of Silicon steel product at high frequency condition between 50Hz and 10KHz. As a big power switching reactor, its frequency can be reached to 50KHz. It is applied at high current, small size, and energy-saving electronic products, for example energy storage reactor, active filter reactor, SVG connection reactor.

Technical data
Item Amorphous alloy Oriented silicon steel 30G120
Saturation Flux Density BS(T) 1.56 2.03
Coercive Hc(A/m) <3 <30
Maximum Permeability 45X104 4X104
Losses P(W/kg) 50Hz,1.3T, P<0.2 50Hz,1.7T,P≤1.2
Magnetostrictive Coefficient(X10-6) 20-30 10
Resistance(чΩ.cm) 130 45
Density(g/ cm3) 7.18 7.65
Crystallization Temperature T(℃) 535 ---
Curie Temperature T(℃) 399 746
Lamination Factor ≥0.85 0.95

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