About US
Jiangsu LTEC Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise established in 2004, coved by 20,000 square meters. The registered capital is RMB 50 Million (about USD7.8 Million). We locate at No.86 Mei Gui Road, Kun Shan, China (very close to Shanghai).
We are specialized in the research, development and manufacture of low voltage and medium voltage reactor products for power factor correction system, as well as reactors for frequency converter. We can also provide you OEM and ODM services, and special product solutions.

LTEC’s Technology 
We focus on the improvement of power quality, measurement and analysis of harmonic load. Over the years, our engineers have rich experiences in power quality components, such as reactors, capacitors, controllers, in addition to passive or active filter devices. Their unique technology guarantees the stable quality of our products and provides the best solutions for you.


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Tel: +86-512-57628055